Women’s health. (April 2011)

Women's health (April 2011)

Who says “Reads” are only meant for books?  This one’s for all the people out there trying to lose a couple of pounds.  The April 2011 issue of Women’s Health mentions the “Pistachio Principle”.  What’s the Pistachio Principle you say?  Well…

Pistachio Principle:  “The idea that people consume less of foods that require some effort to eat.  Study subjects ate 41% fewer calories from whole pistachios compared with shelled ones.”

On the same page of the magazine, it also states it’s estimated 42% of the U.S. population will be obese by 2050.

If that doesn’t convince you to keep those walnuts in them shells until you’re ready to ’em, just look at Emma Roberts’ abs on the cover above…It’s just too bad chocolate doesn’t come in shells!



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