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Red door cafe. Brunch.

My friend has been asking me to try this brunch place for about a month before we finally went.  We made sure to go on a weekday because of the notoriously long wait.  Once I stepped food inside, I could see why the wait is so long on the weekends.  There’s only about 6 tiny tables in the entire restaurant!  Not only that, but the wait for service and food also takes a while because there’s only one person serving, the flamboyant owner named Ahmed.  With just 6 tables, you wouldn’t think they’d need to hire an additional staff member, but it took 15 minutes for us to just get the check.  There is plenty of entertaining wall decor as you wait, though.  If you’re the blushing reserved type, perhaps this isn’t the place for you since there’s all kinds of garter belts, whips, and naughty pictures strewn throughout the establishment.  There’s also plenty of creepy porcelain dolls if you’re into that sort of thing.

In terms of the food, sad to say, it was just so-so for taste but quite amusing for appearance.  I ordered the Two Titties, which are two bacon and veggie tacos.  The tacos were one-dimensional, and I soon got tired of eating them.  The greens used were slightly too bitter for my taste. I think my dish was around $15, which I thought was pricey for two mediocre tacos.

Two Titties Entree

My friend ordered the more wallet-friendly Cairo Falafel Wrap (about $10), which she said was good but not the best she’s tasted.  I didn’t try it, so I can’t really say, but here’s a picture of it anyways.

Cairo Falafel Wrap

I’ll give this place another shot, but gonna go for the sweet brunch stuff instead since their French Toast concoctions are supposed to be fantabulous.

Location:  1608 Bush Street, SF

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