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My ivy. Thai.

My ivy. Interior.

The interior of My Ivy was relatively nice.  It was definitely a boost from the old Thai restaurant that was here before.  I don’t remember the name of the old establishment, but the terrible food sure left an impression to never go back.  I succumbed once the restaurant was revamped by a new owner.  The old restaurant felt stuffy and drab, but My Ivy feels airy and modern.  I especially liked the interesting chandeliers although the picture I took doesn’t do it justice.  I believe that’s the owner in the back left with her hair up in a bun (don’t quote me, though).  I complimented her on the vast improvement of her restaurant compared to the old one before we left, but she was kind of blaze about it.

Tableware and thai iced coffee.

The Thai Iced Coffee was refreshing.  My boyfriend who lacks esthetic appreciation and style even commented on how he liked the overlapped placement of the square dishes.  Looks good to me!

Crispy tofu salad.

The Crispy Tofu Salad dish was excellent!  The best I’ve had even.  There was plenty of crispy tofu and the vinaigrette was fabulous with a perfect balance of tang and fish sauce.  The picture is just of the portion (first of three!) I had on my plate.  It was a lot of salad.  My boyfriend and I even had leftovers to bring home to his sister who was waiting for her take-out Pad Thai.  His sister thought the salad left a funny aftertaste in her mouth, but I didn’t notice.

Massaman curry with beef

The curry dish was a disappointment.  The curry itself was pretty good, but the beef was hard to chew (way too tough!).  I won’t order this again.

Bbq pork and egg fried rice.

The BBQ Pork was very tender and there was a lot of it.  The sauce in the back is sweet, sour, and a little bit spicy and complimented the pork really well.  The only complaint is the egg fried rice didn’t have large pieces of egg in it although it tasted like egg.  Overall, a good dish.

I went to My Ivy a second time just yesterday for a friend’s birthday.  I ordered the Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Maow) this time and it was delicious although a teeny bit too salty.  The friends next to me ordered Salmon Basil and Pineapple and Lychee Prawns.  The Salmon Basil seemed a little dry but that’s typically how Asians cook their salmon.  I would say the Pineapple and Lychee Prawns were actually shrimp because they were pretty tiny.  The lychee intermixed with the pineapple and shrimp in the curry was surprising.  I didn’t taste either of my friends’ dishes so I can’t relay any information in that aspect.  The service was really slow and one of the waitresses kept bringing wrong dishes to our table which got kind of annoying at the end.  Sorry, no pictures from my second visit!

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