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Dave & buster’s. American.

Okay, so Dave & Buster’s isn’t really the typical restaurant I would blog about but I went recently after an almost 2-year break.  I was happy to be back 🙂  I used to live about 10 miles from a location in Southern California and went often for their Happy Hour specials.  Since moving to San Francisco, the closest one now is 40+ miles away which isn’t too far, but we’re just not used to driving over 10 miles to get anywhere anymore…

The Eat & Play specials are great!  For $15.99 you get a big plate of food plus a $10 card that you can use to play games in their Chuck-E-Cheese-like arcade.  The food is also surprisingly good considering people normally wouldn’t go to D&B just to eat.  The portions are spectacular for the price.  My Fried Shrimp Platter came with 10 good-sized shrimp and lots of french fries.  It’s not the healthiest meal, but once in a while doesn’t hurt 🙂  The honey mustard sauce was pretty tasteless except being sweet.  There was no mustard flavor to it at all.  The cocktail sauce is much better.

Fried shrimp platter w/ fries and honey mustard sauce

My boyfriend got the Black Jack BBQ Chicken.  I personally didn’t like it since I don’t really like grilled skinless/boneless chicken breast and I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ sauce unless on a burger or a proper piece of chicken (with skin & bones!).  His dish seemed a whole ton healthier than mine though!  It came with steamed vegetables and loaded mashed potatoes.  The mashed potatoes were cold upon arrival so I didn’t really enjoy that either.  The best part of his dish to me was the veggies.

The $20 complimentary game cards we received gave us 30 minutes of unadulterated kid-again entertainment, which might have been even better than the food.

Dave & Buster’s

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