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I recently bought a 2-month membership for from, and in my first shipment of three books were Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart and Plain Truth and Stephenie Meyer’s The Host.  For those unfamiliar with BookSwim, it’s basically the book version of NetFlix where you receive shipments of books for a monthly fee that includes shipping and handling.  The number of books you receive depends on the plan you signed up for and how fast you read.  The particular discount I bought was $20 for two months of the Light Reader plan (3-books-at-a-time)–a considerable deal since the plan typically goes for $23.95/month.

I’ve already had a couple of issues with the company even though I just signed up a week and a half ago.  Firstly, they charged my credit card $23.95 when I first signed up despite entering my redemption code in the appropriate box.  I contacted their customer service department through the website the day I signed up, but it took them over a week to get back to me.  That’s poor customer service in my opinion.  Not only did it take a long time for them to reply, but their response was that I forgot to enter the redemption code.  Completely false!  I didn’t argue since they issued a refund back to my credit card.

Other quibbles I have are their shipping times, the condition of their books, and which books you actually get.  It took a full week to receive my books from the time I signed up.  That’s a really long time, especially if you take into account that it’ll be two weeks roundtrip.  Their policy is that they’ll only send out more books when they receive (in my case) 2 of the 3 books back.  That means I’ll only have one book to hold me over during the 2-week wait.  The condition of the books are about the same as those found in the library, but the ones in the library don’t cost you anything (unless they’re lost or extremely damaged).  Finally, out of the 30 books I placed on my waitlist, the three that were shipped to me were ranked in the 20’s.  This means that at least 20 of the books that I had greater inclinations to read were not available.  After the first shipment, you do get to choose one “guaranteed” book for the next shipment.  I haven’t gotten far enough to know if they keep that promise or not, but I’ll be sure to update when the time comes.

All in all, is probably a better deal for people near the East Coast where their headquarters are so that shipping times are quicker.  The regular pricing is steep in my opinion, so I would’ve never signed up if not for the KGB deal.  I promptly intend to cancel my subscription once the 2 months are over.  The library is cheaper AND faster.


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