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Water for elephants (cont.)

On a random outing after the gym yesterday, my friend and I trekked to the nearest theater to watch Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in the film adaptation of Water for Elephants.  It was late on a weeknight, my eyelids were feeling a little heavy, but I still somewhat enjoyed the movie.  Of course, the eye candy that Robert Pattinson proved helpful 😉

As expected, the story lines of the novel and film weren’t parallel.  The movie at least stayed true to the major undertones and plot of the book.  Christoph Waltz is a wonderful actor and was spectacular as August, the head animal trainer of Benzini Brother’s “Most Spectacular Show on Earth”.  His intensity and missing-a-screw personality really showed through.

Several characters from the novel were omitted, and the chronicity of the film did not follow the novel.  I was disappointed that none of the nursing homes narratives in the book were translated into film.  They contained many of the more amusing aspects of the story and aided in understanding the intricacies of Jacob’s character.  Unfortunately, the ending I wasn’t so fond of was re-enacted…and it still wasn’t believable…

I’m glad Robert Pattinson did another novel-to-film rendition because Twilight was a huge disappointment to me.  Water for Elephants was not as much of a disappointment, but in my opinion the book is better nonetheless.

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